Is it real golf?
It certainly is! It requires the same skills and concentration. It comes under the same rules and is governed by the same organisation as golf is worldwide – the renowned R and A Rules (the Royal and Ancient Golf Club of St Andrews Scotland).

Do you have to have a bell in the ball?
Blind Golf is not a gimmick and we don’t need a bell.  Each blind golfer is teamed with a sighted caddy. Together they form a team to work out distance and direction for the golfer to take the shot.

Is it only for older people?
We welcome people of every age and ability.  Golf is a sport that can be enjoyed by anyone regardless of age, gender, physical condition or challenge.  Playing golf is a way to enjoy nature, friendship and exercise while providing an opportunity for personal challenge and growth.

Can I learn to play if I’ve never played before?
Yes, many people with vision impairments have learned to play. We can point you in the right direction, and there is the opportunity to practice on the golf simulator at the Association for the Blind HQ in Victoria Park, Perth.