What is Blind Golf?


Blind Golf is played strictly to the Rules of Golf with minor modifications. Each player has a sighted coach/guide who describes the hole, helps with club selection and then ensures that the club head is directly behind the ball. From then on it’s down to the blind golfers’ swing and judgement of distance.

Blind golfers get the same sense of satisfaction as all golfers in perfecting their swing; getting the ball in the hole; enjoying the camaraderie of fellow golfers and getting out and about into the outdoors.

Many blind golfers played before they lost their sight.  The sport of blind golf means they can continue the sport they love.

If you know of someone that you feel might enjoy a game – please refer them to this website and make contact with us.

How is Blind Golf played?

With two major exceptions, and a couple of minor ones, Blind Golf is played in exactly the same way as sighted golf. However, Blind Golfers require a caddy (or guide) to assist them around a golf course. The golfer and their caddy form a team – the caddy is the blind golfers “eyes”.

The major difference between blind / sighted golf is that blind golfers are allowed to ground their club in a hazard. A hazard is usually a bunker but can be a water hazard in some circumstances. The other major difference is that the caddy may stand behind the flag as the blind golfer putts.

Blind golfers become aware of how far they normally hit a golf ball with a particular club. The caddy should advise the distance required and the golfer nominates which club is required.

Some blind golfers experience severe difficulties in bunkers.  If the golfer so wishes, he/ she can declare the ball unplayable and them must return to the exact spot from where the first ball was played, and with a one shot penalty play another ball. This is in accordance with the Rules of Golf.

Otherwise blind golfers play golf as though they are sighted – experiencing all the highs and lows of sighted golfers.

Who runs the Western Australian Blind Golf Association?

The Western Australian Blind Golf Association is the authority governing blind and vision impaired golf in Western Australia. It works under the auspices of the Australian Blind Golf Association to promote the game, organise tournaments and keep the eye sight register.

The Association is ruled by a Constitution and has a Committee of 7 that oversees its running.  The current Officers and Committee Members are as follows:

President – Dave Martin

Vice-President – temporarily vacant

Treasurer – Wendy Davidson

Secretary – Jodie Martin

Committee Members – John French, Malcolm Elliott, Peter Drury