How to join

The Western Australian Blind Golf Association is a registered and licensed entity whose sole objective is to assist vision impaired and blind people to enjoy a better quality of life.

The formal name of the WA Blind Golf Association is The Western Australian Blind and Vision Impaired Golf Association and is the authority governing blind and vision impaired golf in Western Australia.

There are four classes of membership for Clubs, Associations, Regions or Individuals.  The application form for Individuals (Players and Caddies) can be downloaded here

The committee have the right to accept or reject any application.

Hall of Fame

2012 Western Australian Open Trophy Winners

Player Caddy
B1 Winner David Blyth Gary McGinnes
B1 Runner Up Glenn Niciejewski Scott Downing
B2 Winner Jenny McCallum Ian McCallum
B2 Runner Up John Rawlings Ken Wilford
B3 Winner Rick Krolik Alex Petropulo
B3 Runner Up Stephen Mitchell Steven Woolford
Overall Winner Sean Witting John Johnstone
Overall Runner Up Doug Burrows Thelma Burrows


2013 Western Australian Open Trophy Winners

Player Caddy
B2 Winner Jenny McCallum Mark Chamberlain / Ian McCallum
B2 Runner Up Malcolm Elliott Peter Brunner
B3 Winner Doug Golding Dilys Hughes
B3 Runner Up Darryl Evans Marilyn Evans / Len Pettit
Overall Winner John White Ross Thompson
Overall Runner Up Doug Burrows Terry Woodward / David Broadhurst


2013 WA Masters Ron Anderson Trophy

Player Caddy
B1 Winner Glenn Niciejewski Jodie Niciejewski
B1 Runner Up David Blyth Gary McInnes
B2 Winner Sean Witting Brian O’Meara
B2 Runner Up John White Ross Thompson
B3 Winner Rod Mills Michael Mills
B3 Runner Up Doug Burrows Chris Roberts
Overall Winner Takakazu Takahashi Shiro Yamazaki
Overall Runner Up Rick Krolik Alexander Petropulo