WABGA golfers won the honours at the World Blind Golf Championships that were held in NSW Australia in May 2014.  WABGA golfers took several of the top prizes with Malcolm Elliott now the ISPS HANDA World Blind Golf Champion and Jenny McCallum winning the Ladies Championship. Malcolm also took the Net B2 Award and Doug Burrows came in as runner up in the Net B3 category. Deanna Minciullo was third in the Ladies Championship.

To top this, Jenny McCallum repeated her strong performance and is also the Ladies 2014 ISPS HANDA Australian Blind Golf Champion with Deanna Minciullo as Runner Up.


The WA Masters was held at Collier Park in Perth on Monday 28th October 2013 with a large turnout of 23 players including many from the eastern states of Australia. The overall winner for the WA Masters Ron Anderson Trophy was Takakazu Takahashi from Japan with Rick Krolik from Victoria as Runner Up.

Full results are as follows:

Overall Winner                    Takakazu Takahashi / Caddy: Shiro Yamazaki

Runner Up                            Rick Krolik / Caddy: Alexander Petropulo

B1 Winner                             Glenn Niciejewski / Caddy: Jodie Niciejewski

B1 Runner Up                      David Blyth / Caddy: Gary McInnes

B2 Winner                             Sean Witting / Caddy: Brian O’Meara

B2 Runner Up                     John White / Caddy: Ross Thompson

B3 Winner                             Rod Mills / Caddy: Michael Mills

B3 Runner Up                      Doug Burrows / Caddy: Chris Roberts

The competition was hotly contested and acted as a perfect practice day for the Australian Open held over the following two days.

Entries coming in for the WA Masters

Entries are coming in for the WA Masters on Monday 28th October 2013. We are delighted that there will be a strong field at Collier Park. Entries close on the 30th September so there is still plenty of time to enter.  The entry form can be found here.

Entries for the Western Australian Masters now open

The WABGA are pleased to announce that entries are open for the Western Australian Masters which will take place on Monday 28th October 2013, the day before the Australian Open Championship.  The WA Masters is an 18 hole Stableford Competition event which will be held at the superb Collier Park course in south Perth.  Full details and an entry form can be downloaded here.

Highly Successful Western Australia Open Championship

The 2013 Western Australian Blind Golf Open Championship took place at Collier Park on the 17th and 18th April 2013.

In a spirit of tremendous camaraderie the competition was hotly contested.  John White was the overall winner on 69 points ably assisted by Ross Thompson.

Overall Winner 2013

John White and caddie Ross Thompson receiving their trophy from David Blyth

Doug Burrows was runner up with caddying by Terry Woodward on the first day and David Broadhurst on the second day.

Jenny McCallum won the B2 category on 67 points.  Mark Chamberlain was caddie on day one with Ian McCallum on day two.  Doug Golding did the honours for the B3 category on 53 points with Dilys Hughes as caddie.

The WABGA was pleased to welcome two new caddies who ably assisted their players – Mark Chamberlain and Terry Woodward. This is part of a continuing drive for new members and caddies that is being conducted by the WABGA.

Jim Hunter, Tournament Director said that the Championship had shown the true spirit of Blind Golf with some excellent golf played in a spirit of friendly rivalry.

Two guests were very welcome at the prize ceremony.  John White, Dr Handa’s representative on the IBGA board and David Blyth Chairman of Blind Sports Australia who presented the prizes.  All players and caddies had the chance to socialise over a drink and refreshments as a fitting end to a highly successful tournament.


Player  Category Caddie
Overall Winner John White  69 points  B2  34.3 Ross Thompson
Runner Up Doug Burrows  68 points  B3  34.8 Terry Woodward (day 1)David Broadhurst (day 2)
Winner B2 Jenny McCallum  67 points  B2  31.3 Mark Chamberlain (day 1)Ian McCallum (day 2)
Runner Up B2 Malcolm Elliott  60 points  B2  46.7 Peter Brunner
Winner B3 Doug Golding  53 points  B3  37.7 Dilys Hughes
Runner Up B3 Darryl Evans  32 points  B3  32 Marilyn Evans (day 1)Len Pettit (day 2)

It has brought me out into the world again

Ray Hankins played golf all his adult life. In later life his eyesight deteriorated and he could no longer work. All aspects of his life changed – he could no longer drive and had to rely on others.  After running his own business and having an active life, he found his vision loss very isolating and had very little contact with the outside world.

Ray HankinsIt was his family that heard about Blind Golf and suggested that he met up with them to try a game. Something as relatively simple as a weekly game of golf with like-minded people gave Ray a purpose in life again and something to look forward to.  Ray explains “I enjoy golf as a great outing and play with many others in the same category as myself. It is great company. It has brought great enjoyment back into my life.  To anyone in the similar situation, I sincerely encourage you to have a try at Blind Golf.  It has brought me out into the world again.”

As soon as I walked into the clubroom I realised that we were all in the same boat

Doug Golding is currently Vice President of the Western Australian Blind Golf Association.  However, this has not always been the case.  Doug had in fact only been an occasional golfer before he lost his sight to Macular Degeneration in middle age. He was encouraged to become involved with blind golf by his wife Lynne.  Doug was reluctant to try blind golf at first but Lynne was able to talk him into giving it a go.

Doug Golding

“As soon as I walked into the clubroom I realised that we were all in the same boat. You couldn’t have made a fool of yourself if you’d wanted to!” says Doug. From then on he has become more and more involved in blind golf and has made a strong group of golfing friends.  Doug enjoys tournaments with a highlight being a trip to England to play the British Open in 2010.