It has brought me out into the world again

Ray Hankins played golf all his adult life. In later life his eyesight deteriorated and he could no longer work. All aspects of his life changed – he could no longer drive and had to rely on others.  After running his own business and having an active life, he found his vision loss very isolating and had very little contact with the outside world.

Ray HankinsIt was his family that heard about Blind Golf and suggested that he met up with them to try a game. Something as relatively simple as a weekly game of golf with like-minded people gave Ray a purpose in life again and something to look forward to.  Ray explains “I enjoy golf as a great outing and play with many others in the same category as myself. It is great company. It has brought great enjoyment back into my life.  To anyone in the similar situation, I sincerely encourage you to have a try at Blind Golf.  It has brought me out into the world again.”

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